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gumi gumici city council

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gumi city council, Open assembly politics

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The Function Of The Council

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Role of the Council

Alocal council approves budgets, bills on the settlement of accounts, handle petitions and appeals, and enact, amend and abolish ordinances, and monitor the executive body' execution through the council's procedure and process such as inspection and investigation of, consent to, approval of, report on, administrative affairs, and deliberation on important policies. Thus, it has largely 3 roles to perform; that is, the function for representing the residents, autonomous legislature and monitoring administrative affairs.

Sharing of the Role

A local government is composed of a local council and an executive body. Thus, the local council and the executive body share the role by acting as bodies making decisions and executing the affairs, respectively. This is a systematic device for a sharing of the role, because a local council itself does not have a function for execution but have the executive body realize the execution of the matters decided by it, thus enabling it to share with the executive body the role with a close cooperation.

Expected Role of the Council

A local council which has the function for representing its residents, legislating ordinances and monitoring administrative affairs is the representative body of its residents and at the same time a decision-making body. While collecting administrative demands and speaking for the interest of its residents, it explains the position of the executive body, thus promoting the understanding of its residents. This means that it acts as an explainer of the executive body as well as a speaker of its residents, provides a reasonable administrative guidance and supervision to the executive body, and performs the role as a coordinator and troubleshooter between its residents and the administration which guarantees an efficient settlement of local problems by diagnosing problems early through an appropriate adjustment between the residents' opportunism and 'the administrative efficiency first' principle. Thus, it expects to add to the existing one the role of protecting a local characteristic and interests, while rendering cooperation for the growth and developmentof the nation.

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Gumi City Council 55 Songjeongdaero(#50 Songjeong-Dong). Gumi-Si, North Gyeongsang Province

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